Little Secret Garden

Six on Saturday


I thought I would do a quick round up of our week with six on Saturday this week.

1. Rain

We’ve had plenty of rain this week (and today) so we’ve yet to do as many jobs on the allotment as we would have liked. It’s not stopped us thou and the kids have had a lot of fun.

2. Mud

After the rain comes the mud, again the kids have had fun with it this week, but it’s stopped us from getting the potatoes in. Maybe next week?

3. Digging

Phil and Ryan have done a lot of digging this week, so the soil is ready for the spuds, it’s just too muddy.

4. Painting

When the sun has shined this week we’ve been out painting. We’ve painted the fence, gate and raised beds. Getting ready for the growing ahead.

5. Ladybird larvae

The kids have ladybird larvae now, and will watch them grow into ladybirds. They will make them a habitat on the allotment and hopefully the ladybirds will eat all the aphids so we can have some nice veggies.

6. Community

One of the best things of having an allotment is the community. We share, swap and help. This week we got some extra plant pots. In the past we’ve swapped veg, plants, been given paving flags, the list goes on.