Prepping the plot

It’s been snowing on and off the last month, so we have not had a chance to go to the plot. Today was the first day this year we manged to go to the allotment as a family.

Phil’s been prepping the soil and he hopes to get some potatoes in soon.

This year we are giving the kids their own area to grow stuff and play in.

Lottie and Ryan will both have two raised beds each, we showed them where they will be going and then discussed what they both want to grow.

Lottie has decided in her first box she wants to grow beetroot, a tomato plant and basil, in her second box she wants to grow some flowers, ones that she can cut to make her own bouquets, and to make her own pretend perfume.

Ryan’s decided he wants to grow beetroot and carrots in his first box, the second one he couldn’t decide what else he wanted to grow so right now he just wants it filled up with soil, so he can dig for dinosaur bones and treasure, and make a dirt race track with his cars.

They will also help build the bean tee pee this year for them to use as a den. It’s going to go next to their raised beds, so it should be the kid’s area on the allotment.

Today the kids still found loads to do while Daddy turn all the soil over for the spuds. They had fun chalk drawing and digging for dinosaur bones, Ryan found loads of dinosaur teeth (stones).

It’s the Easter holiday right now so the kids are going to help plant some seeds over the next few days, and we hope the snow won’t be coming back now so we can get some more jobs done on the plot.


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